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Sports Massage - Its Therapeutic and Physiotherapeutic Benefits

Sports massage is basically the manipulation of muscles with hands that are specifically designed to assist those who lead physically demanding lives or participate in sports. This therapeutic massage concentrates on the effect of physical exercise on different joints, muscles, and ligaments. This i…

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Shiatsu massage has many benefits

In the treatment of many disorders and diseases it is increasing in demand. Shiatsu is also a popular pseudoscientific style of Japanese massage based on old notions from traditional Chinese medicine including the theory that chi meridians are involved in Acupuncture. Shiatsu uses pressure on differ…

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Shiatsu Massage - Gets Instant, Painless Relaxation

Shiatsu is a well-known pseudoscience that is based on ancient Japanese bodywork that is based on theories in traditional Chinese medicine, including the flow of 'chi' energy through channels called meridian. Anma, an ancient Japanese massage technique, forms the base of Shiatsu. The anma is usually…

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What is Reflexology?

The practice of reflexology, often referred to as touch therapy, is a alternative medicine that is non-invasive where the application of gentle pressure to particular places on your hands or feet without the application of lotion or oil. The belief is that the body eliminates toxins and relieves str…

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The Numerous Benefits Of Swedish Therapeutic Massage

Swedish therapeutic massage is one of the very well-known massages readily available now. It can likewise be called an old-fashioned massage. The technique aims to encourage mental relaxation by releasing muscle tension. Swedish massage is most usually gentler than tissue therapeutic massage and mor…

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